Rider Testimonials

2016 Jon & Jane France - UK

Rick and Donna were excellent hosts on what proved to be an awesome motorcycle adventure tour around Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.  The scenery was spectacular throughout, accommodation was great and the company fabulous.  Particular favorites were Glacier National Park for the scenery and the Log Cabins alongside the Salmon River in Idaho with the Sawtooth Mountains in the background.  We have truly made some great new friends and would recommend Motorcycle Adventure Tours to all interested parties!.

2016 D & J Hardcastle - London UK

Rick and Donna, Hi – how are you guys?

The video from this years tour dropped through the letterbox yesterday, and Jean and I had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon watching the whole thing through! It reminded us of how special the whole thing is, the bikes, the roads the scenery but most importantly, the people, and what a wonderful crowd we had.  After the viewing we both immediately said that next years – West Coast Tour- we are with you. I suspect that Colin will be tempted too. The main thing is – count us in! No way are you and Kiki going on that ride without us. Period!

Really hope you are all well, and we’ll see you next year!!!!!

2016 Fraser & Donna Marsden - UK

Donna Marsden

The trip of a lifetime!
Rick and Donna were awesome hosts. Their attention to detail was unsurpassable. We stayed in some great locations surrounded by fantastic scenery.
We arrived as strangers and left as friends. Already planning our next trip with this great company.
2016 - Greg & Holly R.

Went on the “Grand Canyons of Utah & Arizona Tour” this past May ’16. What an amazing part of our country. Every day was a new experience. The endless beauty of this part of the US is simply breathtaking. This wasn’t our first long tour ride with Rick & Donna (Kiki) of Motorcycle Adventure Tours and won’t be our last. They really do care about our experience and work very hard to make it ” A Ride of a Lifetime”. Thanks so very much for another wonderful tour ride!

2016 - Jim and Dot L, - NY, USA

We are looking forward to seeing the video although I’m sure we will wish we were back riding in the mountains when we see it.

Regarding my comments of the trip, I can truthfully say that the ride was absolutely spectacular.  The weather, the bike, the accommodations, and the route were all fantastic and more than met my expectations.  When we arrived home I went for a ride on my Sportster the next day and it felt like I was riding a mini-bike.  Although the Ultra’s were definitely heavy and a handful when parking, they were comfortable and handled very well on the open road.  We couldn’t have asked for a better bike.

Meeting you and Donna was definitely a pleasure.  We enjoyed your company and your interaction with all of us.  It was a fun group and a wonderful tour ride.

2016 - Brad A. - US

Rick & Donna (Kiki), again exceeded my expectations. Joined them on the Great American West Tour. STUNNING! I’ve ridden the western United States for many years and seen many things, but I have to compliment Motorcycle Adventures Tours. The places highlighted on the website is a small part of the experience. The roads chosen in between the destinations are incredible and the lodging always seemed to be perfect for the area we traveled that day. Obviously Rick puts a lot of time into planning every detail.

2011- 2015 -Tony B

We have gone on many tour rides with Rick & Donna of Motorcycle Adventure Tours. Each time has been a great experience filled with beautiful scenery, National Parks, fantastic roads and great new friends.

Rick has a deep knowledge of the areas the tour rides visit. He understands it’s not just about riding down a road to get to the nights lodging. He plans each day to take best roads for scenery and riding enjoyment, between locations. The National Parks you visit are amazing. In some cases we spent multiple nights at one location to allow us to spend more time to see the local area or spend more time at a National Park like Yellowstone. This was great, gave us an opportunity to ride a day or two on our own to see what we wanted to see. The “Open” ride days are great!

Lodging was very good and had a wide range of experiences. We stayed in a 5 star resort one night and the next we were on the banks of the Salmon River in our own cozy cabin. All lodging seemed to be carefully selected by Rick & Donna. All were clean comfortable and well kept.

It was great that our package included the Harley, Lodging, Gas, Rain Gear, and a few breakfast. Rick and Donna did all the planning, all the work, all we needed to do was show up, ride and enjoy. Motorcycle Adventure Tours is a small tour company that delivers a big life experience for us. I speak of Rick and Donna as friends, not a company because that’s how they treat us, they’ve become great friends.

Tony B

2015 - Jean & Dave from England, UK
Jim, Hi from this side of the pond and thanks for the opportunity to “raise the flag” for one of America’s newest and best touring companies. We appreciate your concerns, we too had a number before we booked but the regular communications we had with Rick and Kiki before we set off put our minds at rest. One of our sons runs an internet consultancy and we are also fully aware of the risks of doing business purely on the strength of a website. Firstly, it might help to say a bit about us. We are both 58 and have always loved touring the US by car. It’s been a long term ambition of mine to tour the states by Harley, ever since seeing Easy Rider and Electra Glide in Blue back in the 70’s. We had a number of large bikes a few years ago, but before the trip in July I had not owned or ridden one for around 8 years. We looked at a number of options such as Eagleriders, but looking at their site it seemed you could be one of up to 200 bikes in a group. What M.A.Tours have is a commitment to keep numbers down to a more “human” level. As the first booking for their first tour, we knew we would be some kind of “Guinea Pigs” but we have always tried to support the small independent businesses. We spoke to Rick and Kiki a number of times before booking, and yes they are “straight-up” people with a passion for what they are doing. They know the country, the best routes, the best views and are great fun to be with. They were also kind and considerate, taking care of us to ensure we had a wonderful trip. We flew over from the UK to Boise, where they picked us up from the airport and we have become good friends since. We had already been to a number of the places on the Great American West tour, such as Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, but doing the route on a Glide took it to a whole new experience. I’ll try to now answer your specific questions as best I can: The Trip was exactly what was on the website. We were given a pack with maps and routes for each day, which we could look at the night before. Rick is an enormously capable rider and an excellent tour guide and the routes were planned out so that the roads were the most spectacular and fun to drive. We both really enjoyed the trip. In fact so much that we have already booked to go again in May next year! The accommodation varied between motels, hotels and little log cabins by the river. All were clean and comfortable, most were within easy reach of a bar or two and somewhere to eat. Sometime we hit 250 miles or more but they seemed to fly past with all the stunning scenery. Once or twice we got off the bike a little stiffly, but after splashing some water on our faces, necking a couple of beers with Rick and Kiki, getting a good meal and some sleep, we were up and raring to go the next day! We felt happy with the price as what we got was a really personalised trip that included everything apart from our drinks, souvenirs and most evening meals, the first and last night’s meals are included. For us it was a fairly pricey holiday because we also have to throw in the return air fares from the UK, but we believe that in the final analysis you get what you pay for, and we got one of the most memorable holidays we have ever had. Good points of the trip, all the above plus the memories: the Big Skys, the National Parks, the wildlife, the dancing (videos deleted!), incredibly beautiful scenery, lots of laughter and meeting other bikers along the way. Bad point, we are struggling with this one….there was a slightly worrying rush one day to skirt round a storm that was threatening to soak us and a dodgy Mexican meal. That was as bad as it got and Rick and Kiki certainly had no control over these! Once back, we got a memory stick through the post that included a lot of the photos of us, the landscape, the animals, towns etc that we had been through with a couple of video clips as well, all in chronological sequence and with a soundtrack added of music that Rick and Kiki know we love, plus a few of their choices. It is something that we go back to again and again. This was a surprise to us so I hope I haven’t spoiled this for you? As we mentioned earlier, we have already booked the May tour round the canyons of Utah and Arizona, starting in Salt Lake City. Roll on May 7th next year – we can’t wait! I hope that this hasn’t rambled on too much and has answered your queries. I can only finish by repeating that we have travelled a lot round the globe over the years, but our ride with Rick and Kiki was one of our most memorable holidays ever. If you want any other info, please don’t hesitate to get back to us. If you would prefer to talk over the phone, our landline is (phone private). We took hundreds of photos and have attached a couple to give you a flavour of what it was like. If you could could possibly confirm receipt of this message so we know it got through with the photos, we’d be grateful. Good luck with your decision and all the very best for Christmas and the New Year, -Jean and Dave
2014 - B. Hak Schnell from Rapid City, SD
I have known Rick Schneider, proprietor & operator of Motorcycle Adventures for over 40+ years, since before he got his first road bike. Over the last few decades the members of our crew have ridden tens of thousands of miles with Rick through many states and over all kinds of terrain. We’ve always had a great time & been impressed with Rick’s attention to the routes and his nose for finding the cool and out of the way spots that every biker likes to hit when they are on their coveted bike trips. So, whether it’s cruising the northern plains heading to Sturgis, topping a 12,000 foot pass on the Continental Divide, or gliding through snow-etched Bryce Canyon in the Spring, Rick has pretty much done it all & done it with competent flair. I don’t usually write on bathroom walls, but when I do, I write: “For A Good Time, Call Motorcycle Adventure Tours, LLC (509) 998-2851.” B. Hak Schnell Rapid City, SD

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