Q & A

The Tour

Q: Are the hotels included in the cost of the tour?

A:            All of your hotel reservations are made for you. You will pay the locations as we go.  In some cases it’s advised you arrive at least one nights stay before your tour package begins to adjust to time zone changes. Notify Motorcycle Adventure Tours at 1993matours@gmail.com or call (509) 998-2851 of additional night’s stay and arrangements can be made for you.

Q: How far do we ride per day?

A:            Daily rides vary from 50 miles (80 km) to 300 miles (464 km) per day.

Q: How much riding experience do I need?

A:            We require that you have ridden for at least 3 years. You must be competent and comfortable operating a large displacement, modern motorcycle for up to 8 hours per day, several days in a row, in a variety of different riding conditions including congested city traffic and twisty mountain roads.  Riding the Western United States can bring long stretches of road with few services and often in isolated areas.  You should be prepared to ride harder, longer and farther than you’re accustomed to.

Q: What riding gear do I need?

A:            You will be supplied with Harley Davidson rain gear and a legal DOT helmet. Motorcycle Adventure Tours will supply you a Hydra Vest for cooling. The tour packet you will receive, once you have registered for a tour, will have full details of other suggested gear.

Q: Are meals included in the cost of the tour?

A:            The Welcome Dinner on the first day of the tour and the Farewell Dinner on the last day of the tour are included in your tour package. Hotels frequently include breakfast with your stay, but not every day. Other days, at your expense, you will have choices as to where and what you want to eat.

Q: What kind of roads will we ride on?

A:            The roads chosen for your ride are mostly two lane paved roads & highways. A very small portion of your ride will be in congested traffic or on multiple lane freeways. Every effort has been taken to put you on the most scenic roads between America’s western National Parks. The ride between parks is as important as the parks themselves.

Q: Do I need a helmet?

A:            A legal DOT helmet is provided by the rental dealer. Harley Davidson’s rental agreement requires you wear a helmet. If you choose to ride without a helmet, where legal not to, you are liable for all consequence from that choice.

Q: Is there a minimum / maximum number of riders in a tour group?

A:            Yes. A minimum of 3 participants are needed to secure a tour for all involved. A maximum of 12 will close out a tour for other applicants. If less than 3 participants are registered at the 60 days paid in full deadline, each registered participant will be contacted with options to consider.

The Motorcycles

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A:            Insurance is an agreement between you and the rental dealer. Most Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Dealers offer you a choice of Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Accident and Personal Property coverage with your rental. Be prepared to purchase coverage at time of signing rental agreement. If you have a motorcycle insurance policy, contact your insurance agent to check if you are covered on a rented motorcycle. NOTE: Riders and passengers are not covered for medical payments. We recommend that you purchase travel health insurance for you and your passenger in case you need medical attention in the US.

Q: Am I guaranteed to ride the exact Harley I selected during registration?

A:            This will be between you and the rental dealer. In most cases you’ll always ride what you want, with color choice being left to availability.

Other Questions

Q: What should I bring?

A:            Suggestions on what to pack will be sent to you in your tour packet.

Q: What about taxes?

A:            Taxes are included in the cost of your tour.

Q: Will there be any unguided riding?

A:            Each tour ride has 2-3 unguided days built in.  We suggest leading up to those days you plan out what you want to see and do to optimize the time. Example; If you’d like to take a day hike or horse ride into the Grand Canyon, you should reservations ahead of time.

Q: What about storage of luggage?

A:            All bikes will have saddle bags for your packing your tour luggage. Ideally ALL your items will fit into the storage available on the bike.  If additional luggage space is required, each rider will have a small space available in the support vehicle. If more space is required, additional storage at the rental dealer or the hotel we start and finish at can be arranged for during the tour ride. In this case additional fees may apply.

Q: What about National Park Passes?

A:            Park passes are included in the cost of your tour.

What’s Included in the Price


  • Road Captain guide by Motorcycle Adventure Tours, LLC
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • USA-approved helmet
  • Raingear
  • Support Vehicle
  • Reservations at mid star rated hotels, resorts and cabins
  • Breakfast, when supplied by lodging partners
  • Motorcycle Adventure Tours Vacation Packet and Gift
  • Luggage transportation during the tour
  • Motorcycle Adventure Tours book of itinerary and tips
  • Motorcycle Adventure Tours travel presentation of rider rules
  • Welcome dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • Transport to/from Airport, Hotel & Rental Location
  • National Park Passes and parking fees

All pricing payable in US Dollars

What’s Not Included in the Price


  • Airfare
  • Motorcycle Rental Cost
  • Lodging Cost
  • Fuel Cost
  • Food and Snacks (except the welcome & farewell dinners)
  • Beverages
  • Monetary Tips
  • Personal Souvenirs
  • Personal Expenses
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Medical Insurance

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