As you wind your way up Beartooth Pass in Montana and Wyoming you will experience countless photo opportunities. You’ll pass along glacier fed lakes and lush fields, beautiful rock outcroppings and high elevation trees that fill your eye with amazement. Beartooth Pass is listed as the #1 motorcycle ride in America in almost every riding publication you can find. Beartooth Pass is truly amazing. From the expanse of the panoramic views to the tight twisting road you’ll enjoy every second of this day’s ride. After thinking you’ve reached the top and seen all there is of Beartooth Pass you come to find out you’re only at 9,500 ft elevation. The next 1,497 feet of elevation winds you up and across the ridge line at the Montana Wyoming border. You’re literally riding the backbone of a mountain range looking down to the tree line and at glacier stripped mount peaks. If there is a more beautiful wilderness, I haven’t seen it yet. Beartooth Pass tops out at 10,497 ft. Riding Beartooth Pass on a motorcycle is the best way to experience it. Having the visual freedom afforded you on a motorcycle to take it all in while enjoying the twisting winding road of Beartooth Pass is perfect. Don’t look to long though, it’s a long way down. Take every opportunity to stop and view the beauty. Make certain you have plenty of room and battery on the digital camera, you are going to need it.

Either direction you cross the Beartooth Pass you’ll have scenic views and find a great place to spend the night. In Red Lodge Montanan is the Red Lodge Inn. What a nice place. A hot tub to relax in and courtyard to gather in to discuss an relive the days ride. On the other end is Cooke City Montana. There is the Soda Butte Motel. A wonderfully restored motel with a fabulous lobby with restaurant and lounge to relax and tell stories about the Bear Tooth.

This day of the ride is worth the effort you’ve put into being here to see and experience it.