Lolo Pass, Idaho. What an wonderful way to ride a Harley! Lolo Pass joins Idaho and Montana at one of the most beautiful points along their borders. Weather riding the sweeping turns at 60 miles per hour, leaning hard into the tighter twisty turns or taking in the views in the short straight sections, you’ll love this ride. Along state highway 12 the view and riding experience on Lolo Pass is amazing. Rated as one of the top ten rides in America is no surprise and well deserved.

The ride between Lewiston, Idaho to Missoula, Montana has it all. The miles are 217 in total, of that, 180 of them will raise your adrenalin and inspire you to ride harder and longer than you ever have. As the turns and twist accumulate behind you, you’ll find your rhythm. This ride is bikers heaven. High speed leaners and challenging twisty’s will demand your attention for nearly 180 miles. The views of the Lochsa and Clearwater Rivers seem endless. every turn brings a new appreciation for the beauty of where you are, you are in the deep wilderness of north Idaho. Rising above the river valley are the Clearwater mountains on one side and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Mountains on the other. These mountains aren’t far off in the distance, they go straight up from the valley floor. On the valley floor there’s the highway, the rivers and you with mountains on both sides.

Along the way there are opportunities to stop next to the Lochsa or Clearwater and catch your breath, admire the rolling waters or sit on a beach. Yes I said beach. The Lochsa and Clearwater are dotted with wonderful, white sand, sandbars. They are naturally formed from the heavy spring flows each spring, so at nearly every bend in the river the down stream side collects pure sand. As the water level drops in the summer these beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches are exposed for your enjoyment. If your in the area to spend a night there are several great places. My choice is usually one of two, depending on which direction I’m going. The Konkolville Motel in Orofino Idaho is a very nice place with a hot tub, pool and courtyard. The rooms are very nice, clean and updated. The owners welcome bikers and for a very reasonable price you can have great steak and potato dinner, cooked exactly the way you like it. That’s because you get to cook it yourself on the grill in the courtyard. Then there’s Lochsa Lodge near the top of Lolo Pass. It’s a cozy group of cabins with a beautiful lodge set in the tall pines along the Lochsa river. Cabins are varied in amenities from rustic to full accommodations, but all have great beds and very clean. Hang out with other travelers around the massive fire pit at night and wake in the morning to a fabulous breakfast in the lodge.

Either way, come experience this ride.